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sexually abused childSexual slavery has been around for many years. It is the process of sexual exploitation of an individual or group of individuals for the benefit of someone else, while keeping the exploited in a state of fear, panic, anger, and neglect. While there are many forms of it, some of the worst involve child prostitution, as well as child pornography.

Sex trafficking is a type of human trafficking involving the kidnapping and transportation of people, often to other countries from which they cannot escape, for sexual exploitation. There are many ads for these services online, which means that hundreds of people are bought and sold every day.

Anyone can become a victim of sexual slavery, but there are those who are more vulnerable – homeless children, runaways, refugees. These people are already in terrible situations, and we believe they need our help.

The goal of our foundation is to protect all children from any form of sexual exploitation and to help those children who have already experienced it. The sad truth is that most people don’t know much about sexual slavery, so one of our biggest priorities is to increase the awareness of this social problem. Our organization supports trafficking survivors by providing them with medical and mental help. However, if a homeless child runs away, be it from the abusers or those trying to help, they are still homeless and the situation can repeat again. This is why it’s very important to reduce the probability of re-victimization, and that’s why another major goal of ours is to find new places to live for these children.

With the help of our supporters, we hope to achieve a safer, friendlier environment for all children, so that no one ever has to experience these atrocities.